Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Alive and well......

Yes, I am alive and kicking after the college and high school football seasons. The season was a drain on the three braincelled mind of mine as I had many roadtrips, many miles logged, and the task of trying to commit to memory about 150 new players a week. Trust me, that never happened and I was forever relying on notes so I didn't sound like a total moron.

The football season was a fun one; my first as a broadcaster. Since July, and this includes the Vermont Ice Storm, I did 36 games, logged a ton of miles on the old car, and now have been able to braindump the season a bit so I can prepare for the hockey and basketball seasons. My wife is pleased with the fact that I will not be taking daytrips that start at 4:00 in the morning, ending at 11:00 at night when I am seeing purple iguanas from driving for too long. Yes, those little suckers play games with you after driving for 11 hours, and being on the "A" game for another six while at the game. Now, she only has to get used to three or four games in a week, but at least the trips are local.

Saint Michael's basketball is going to be a blast this year. Both the men's and women's teams have shown quite a bit of improvement. If the men can get consistent play out of Chris Cayole, and Brendan Mullins continues his improvement, this could be a team to contend with in a wide open Northeast Ten. In the first three games Brian Monahan has showed he can rebound, and the youngsters have grown up a bit in the past year. Running and gunning seems to be the way to go for this team.

The women are now 3-0 and are rolling. The Rayner twins look fantastic, and Anna Florent could be the most improved player in the conference. Two freshmen, Meg O'Shea and Alexis Keller are two good shooters with quickness and good defensive skills. Allison Dunn is shooting from long range well, and coach Jen Niebling has this team looking very strong. If they can play the first half the way they play in the second, this is a team that could very well make the NCAA Tournament this year.

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