Monday, April 09, 2007

Random Ramblings.......

Those of us who write for a living, or in my case, part of our living, will on occasion run into something that is a killer to our ego's(No comment from my wife or boss), or our dwindling sanity known as writer's block. My blog has suffered a bit, and thoughts are coming as quickly as above freezing temperatures in this rumored season known as spring in Vermont. So, here are the random thoughts of the last week.....

Spring?? It is really coming?? UVM played in the snow on Sunday at Centennial, and Cleveland and Seattle may have to play doubleheaders for a month straight if this weather keeps up. Oh Mother Nature? Whatever we have done to annoy you, we apologize. We want spring. We want to be outside without freezing, and we don't want to see Cleveland/Seattle matchups all season long. We are sorry for global warming, the Republican party, and anything else humanity may have done to annoy you. Please, bring us spring.

Don Imus has done an amazing job of sticking his foot in his mouth with his comments on the Rutgers women's basketball squad. Some have suggested a week suspension, some two, some more than that. Really, what I want is for you to run things through the brain before they go out the mouth. Your comments were insensitive, lacked thought, and reeked of racism in a society where it seems we have not learned our lessons from the civil rights movement. Next time, when a thought like that is seeping out, just stop and leave it at that.

Kudos to Alex Wolff for saying he will stick it out in the ABA. The league is a disaster right now, but Alex has the class to stick things out. I have been told by sources within the league that there is change coming, but it will take some give and take by CEO Joe Newman. For the good of what could be a strong minor league, Joe needs to do more giving than taking.

Dice-K is the real deal. This guy may not have a "gyro-ball", but with the other seven or eight pitches he throws, he will keep hitters off guard and guessing. All I wonder is if all of his comments are literally translated by his translator. Is the REAL answer to the question, "Daiske, how do you like Boston so far?"; really, "Man alive, the traffic stinks, the ballpark feels like a closet, and why did I sign with these guys anyway? I should have stayed home, but the money is better here." I think I need to learn Japanese........

Does the Easter Bunny lay eggs? Why don't we have an Easter Chicken? Chickens lay eggs, so there should be an Easter Chicken!! That makes sense to me!!

On April 21st and 22nd, the Special Olympics will be holding their Spring Games at Patrick Gymnasium. Head on over there to see athletes who don't play for glory, money, or anything else. These amazing individuals play because they can. They want to be on the same playing field as everyone else, and just love being out on the courts. As a long time volunteer with the organization, I am honored to have been asked to be a part of the Opening Ceremonies, and to perform PA during the basketball games and skills competition. These are individuals who have always amazed me with their heart, passion, and ability to be more human than those of us who don't have apparant disabilities. Head on over to Patrick and cheer these guys and gals on. Also, take the time to talk to and listen to them. It is amazing what these athletes will teach you about life.

Is it spring yet? Please, can it be spring?

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