Friday, June 30, 2006

Canseco is back.....HUH????

As I said in a post this morning, it looks like Jose Canseco is back in action and will be playing with the San Diego Surf Dawgs of the Golden Baseball League. Canseco, who has admitted to using steroids in his major league career will suit up and play in his first game on Monday against Chico as the DH and will PITCH this season.

I just got off the phone with Brian Watkins, the General Manager of the Surf Dawgs for his take on Canseco's signing. Watkins told me he had heard that Canseco was playing in a men's league up in Long Beach and was hitting the ball very well. He thought Canseco would be a great addition to the team, so he was approached, and soon after was signed to a contract that will pay Canseco the league minimum of $2,500 a month. Canseco actually mentioned he would like to pitch for the team, the team didn't ask specifically about that when they started talking. As some may remember, Canseco pitched while he was with Texas and promptly threw out his arm.

Brian did tell me the league has a no-tolerance policy when it comes to steroids. Nine players were banned from the league for the use of steroids last season. He also told me the signing of Canseco will be good for the league, good for the fans, and will help to attract attention to the fact there is minor league baseball in San Diego. Yes folks, this is a publicity stunt of epic proportions.

Why? Why in the world would a team want to sign Canseco other than for publicity? Canseco has admitted to using steroids during his major league career and seems to be known more for that than the fact he hit over 400 homers in the major leagues, is a former AL Rookie of the Year and AL MVP. If Canseco actually plays the field, I wonder if he will have another ball bounce off his noggin and into the seats.....

The league needs help as far as attendance, but it shouldn't need it this bad. San Diego signed Ricky Henderson last year, but Henderson at that time could still play the game. Canseco on the other hand doesn't have a prayer of making it back to the bigs. His reputation is tainted, and there is no way a major league team will pick him up, even if he can hit balls into Tijuana. I wonder if a ball goes into Tijuana if it needs a passport.......

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