Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Random babble........

First of all, I applaud the vote shooting down a proposed Constitutional ammendment that would make the burning of the flag illegal. While I would never do it myself, burning the flag is a way we can show our disapproval of the US government. Hey, if the KKK still has free speech, why can't burning the flag still be seen as legal?

Andrea Yates should be burned at the stake and tortured for what she did to her children. She admitted it, so why the retrial? Give me a break.

The surgically repaired knee is still in a state of disrepair. I have been referred to a specialist, but the specialist can't see me until August. I shall now continue my steady diet of ice and Aleve, which I take by the dozen.

Did you see the meltdown of the minor league manager the other night?? YOWZERS!!!! Man, that guy must have taken lessons from Earl Weaver, Lou Pinella, and Billy Martin. The base throw and the "cleaning" of the plate had me dying with laughter.

The Red Sox cannot be stopped, that is all there is to it. Ten straight wins, Papi is tearing it up, and the Yankees are going down. Class move on the part of Sox fans last night when they gave Pedro a standing ovation. Pedro was just phenominal when he was with the Sox and deserved every bit of adulation he received.

Finally, best wishes to one of the icons of sports journalism, Peter Gammons, who is recovering from surgery to repair a brain anurysm. Gammons is the most knowledgeable of the baseball writers out there, and is a class act. Get well soon Peter, and we will see you back on ESPN sometime soon.

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charity said...

That really stinks about your knee. I hope you get better soon.