Monday, September 04, 2006

Part Two.......

Well, it is about 7:00 in the morning, I have writer's block for some promo spots I need to write, so here goes my cynicism part two......

I kinda like my country, in fact I love my country. Even with this love of the good old US of A, I have a problem with a couple of things. First of all, why do we even say the Pledge of Allegiance when there is one key line that isn't even true? "One nation, under God(Which shouldn't be there anyway due to separation of church and state), with liberty and justice for all." We all know, THAT sure isn't true.

We are a country that believes in, and practices discrimination against blacks, hispanics, women, and of course homosexuals. President Bush wants a constitutional ammendment banning marriage between same sex couples, and not allowing them to have certain rights when it comes to home ownership, medical decisions, etc. This is a policy that Bush has out in the open, and yes, it is discriminatory. If it wasn't for religion, this would not be a problem. We use the Bible, and some warped belief system that says we can discriminate against others because the Bible says so. When it comes to "Liberty and justice for all", this does not apply with same sex couples. (Oh yeah, we also turn away when their rights are violated because they are different.)

Look at the civil rights movement and to go back even farther, the Civil War. The concept of liberty and justice did not apply for African Americans; we held them as slaves against their will!!! African Americans were servants who didn't have any rights at all. They were beaten, tortured, and executed for the color of their skin. When it came to the 60's, blacks couldn't even sit in the front of a bus, and had to drink out of different water fountains!! There wasn't the concept of equality there, and nor does there seem to be much in this day and age. We still assume a black man is guilty of a crime before trial, while the white man seems to be the innocent victim of everything. Nope, no liberty and justice for all, just the white man.

If you are not a WASP in this country, you do not have the same right to liberty and justice as I do. We will find a way to kick you off of your land(Native Americans), openly discriminate against and take away rights(Homosexuals and blacks), and in the even more modern context, hold you in prison without the right to a trial. ("Enemy Combatants") Laws change to suit our own purposes, and President Bush is one of the ringleaders of this. When it comes to the post 9/11 era, we break our own laws, and violate our own principals because it suits us. Why in the world should some suffer in prison without being charged with a crime, no evidence that they have committed a crime, and hold them until we feel like releasing them? (Look at the Rolling Stone article from two weeks ago about the KID being held in Cuba, that is just chilling.)

No, we do not believe in liberty and justice for all. We should either ditch the pledge of allegiance, or at least rewrite the thing so it is accurate. Any suggestions?


charity said...

Man, you are ornery when your knee hurts. :)

It is interesting that you are railing against prejudice after you just did a post in which you referred to another human being as a “thing.” That is exactly where prejudice comes from – considering others less human than yourself.

The reason that this country turned to segregation and deep racism after slavery was abolished was because in order to accept slavery, so many people had to convince themselves that blacks were somehow less than human. That mentality does not just go away overnight when the slave system is dissolved. These people did not suddenly see the blacks as equals. In fact, sad to say, some still don’t. Although, some of that is because of the behaviors of some blacks that spoil the reputation of the race, as wrong as that is to judge one person on the actions of another.

You have no problem being sickened by a morbidly obese person who continues to drown himself in grease and treating that person as less than you. Why is it so hard to comprehend how someone who is sickened by the thought of a man having anal sex with another man could end up treating that person as less? I am not saying it is right. In fact, I do not think it is right at all. In either case.

My mother takes care of a woman who has MS. She is HUGE from continuing to eat too many fattening foods after losing the use of her legs. If she was at the fair, I bet she would want a blooming onion. Food has become her only joy in life. It is sad. She is unappealing to look at, but she is still a human being.

That being said, Americans are fat, lazy, prejudiced slobs. It’s all true.

PS - I love the new template.

Fells said...

First of all, your mother taking care of someone with MS is something to be admired. I used to be in human services and know it is a thankless, but rewarding job.

My point is that many have the ability to exercise self control, but don't do so. One can lay off the pizza and donuts if they choose to, and have the willpower to do so. I know willpower is easier said than done, but if one wants to better their lives, it has to be done from within.

By the way, maybe I went a bit overboard with the "thing" comment. (A little)

Yes, I get cranky when the knee acts up, but this was building before that. Farking three doctors have said they can't do a thing and I basically have to live with this. Oh yeah, and a two month wait to get into the pain clinic at Fletcher Allen!! Advil and painkillers are my friends!!!