Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Northeast Ten officials

As I stated in my debut post, I cover Saint Michael's College athletics for both ESPN Radio, and the Vermont Times. In my year of covering the men's and women's basketball teams, I thought I had seen some bad officiating--I saw its WORST on Sunday afternoon.

The Saint Michael's women were taking on U-Mass Lowell in the first round of the Northeast Ten tournament. Saint Mike's had a good year this year, winning 17 games while expected to only win eight or so. Granted, in this game they didn't play their best, (Sorry Seth) but the officiating in this game did contribute to the loss by the Knights. On one end, U-Mass Lowell was doing a "Hack-A-Shaq" on the Rayner twins, and nothing would be called. Now, on the other end, Brigid or Holly would breathe on someone and a foul would be called. Go back to the other end, and I believe it was Allison Dunn who was literally pushed out of bounds and nothing was called. I am convinced the officials had the mantra of "Well, if we don't need to call a coronor, we aren't going to call anything on U-Mass." The fans were going out of their minds, and even the normally impartial press corps were shaking their heads and preparing questions about the officiating for Coach Niebling. (Note to the Northeast Ten, Jen did not say one bad word about the officiating.....She wanted to, but to her credit, she didn't.) Now, if the officiating is bad on one end, it should be bad on the other; it wasn't in this case.

Well folks, back to work. I am in the middle of not eating for the day as surgery is set for this afternoon. Hey, wouldn't it be cool if I could do a play-by-play of the surgery? I can just imagine......."Campbell goes in with the scope. He makes a nice move around the patella tendon, and FINDS A LOOSE PIECE OF TENDON!!! WHAT A PLAY BY THE DOC!!!!" Actually, since I will be awake for the deal, I may actually write something bizarre for the Times. Hmmmmmmmmm, WWAS? (Translation: What Would Alice Say?--Editor for the Times)

Monday, February 27, 2006

Well, here we go.......

For some unknown reason, people who actually listen to me babble about the news wanted me to start doing the whole blog thing. Well folks, here it goes......

As a matter of introduction, my name is Chris Fells(Real name protected so my house doesn't get egged.) and am the News Director for three radio stations in the Champlain Valley of Vermont, and the Sports Director for two ESPN Radio stations as well. (WVAA, WUSX, WLFE, WTWK, and WFAD) Because I am a glutton for punishment, and actually enjoy what I do, I am also a freelance writer for the Vermont Times. The Times is a nice little weekly, and Alice the editor seems to enjoy my rantings and ravings about everything from Burlington politics to Saint Michael's College basketball.

Let's see here, what else is interesting about little ol' me? I am married, and my wife Alex, Simon the bird, and Sophie the cat deal with my insane hours(Self inflicted; again, I love what I do) and the fact that I wake up at 3:45 every morning.

Now, what in the world will I talk about? As I am a left leaning liberal, I will attempt to be objective about the Bush Administration and how they don't seem to have a clue as to what they are doing. I can go on about medical marijuana, the Burlington mayor's race, and the continuing debate over healthcare in this country. Oh yeah, since I wear the sports hat as well, there could be postings about my beloved San Francisco 49ers, the Vermont Lake Monsters, and my equally beloved Boston Red Sox. Baseball is my passion, so especially with Opening Day just a matter of a month away, there will be MANY postings about my love for the game. I am also a coach in the Center City Little League in the Old North End of Burlington. This is an inner city league whose kids and volunteers have hearts of pure gold. Man I love coaching.

Feel free to comment away, and don't be too cruel. On Wednesday, I may actually post a bit as I (brace yourselves folks) take a day off. Well, this one is forced as the team doc for the Lake Monsters, Doug Campbell will hopefully be curing the aching knee that has had me hobbling around for the last few years. Knowing me, I will get horribly bored to tears in the fact I will actually have to do next to nothing for a day. Yes, I know, it is scary.

Anyhoo, that is it and all for now.. Time to actually see my wife before she heads out of town on business.