Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bless me bloggers for I have sinned

Well, I now know from a few people that my various rantings and ravings have been missed, so I am now actually taking the time to.........WRITE SOMETHING!!! Yes, I know, there are the few fans out there who enjoy my babble, most notably my Aunt Jean, so here it all comes!!!

Michael Vick is a tool. He needs to suck it up, get ready to go to jail, and maybe he will learn some skills besides how to kill dogs while he is in the joint. Lord knows he is not going back to the NFL, so Mikey, learn something.

The Sox are slumping, the Yankees are evil and all is normal in the world. Jabba the Hut Chamberlain should have been suspended for throwing at Youk, but Selig loves Steinbrenner, so nothing happened.

Go Niners, Rex Grossman stinks, the Eagles uniforms on Sunday looked like a bad Van Gogh painting, but they won anyway. (Sorry boss, but the uniforms really were horrible.)

Now, onto a serious note, the Middlebury Panther football team REALLY looks good. Coach Ritter is starting a freshman at quarterback and he showed more poise than one would expect for a freshman. Donald McKillop is the man's name and he threw for 3,000 yards last season at Pownal High School near San Diego. He ran well, he managed the clock well, and for the most part made solid decisions. Gary Cooper, another freshman from Phoenix looked fantastic as well. Quick feet, moves well and hits holes with explosive speed. But, how can I forget James Millard who ran back the opening kickoff of the season 80 yards for a score. On defense, Erik Woodring just blasted Wesleyan quarterback Zack Librizzi a couple of times, and Alex Buggy played like he had been shot out of a cannon. Solid offensive performance and the usual outstanding defense for the Panthers.

One thing about the Wesleyan game. When Woodring knocked the daylights out of Librizzi, Zack came up more than a little wobbly. Librizzi was shaking his head, rubbing his head, and looked very woozy. (Thankfully he was fine.) Well, being the play-by-play guy that I am, I said something like, "Librizzi, who just got clobbered by Woodring, is up slow, shaking his head and looking like he is trying to shake the cobwebs loose." Well, since my voice carries, some guy about five rows in front of the press box yells up at me, "OH, where did YOU get your medical degree?" So, I came back when Librizzi had to call time and said, "To the fan that is in front of me questioning my medical knowledge, allow me to rephrase my statement. As Librizzi is rubbing the back of his helmet, is blinking repeatedly and shaking his head, I am of the opinion that Librizzi MAY have had his bell rung." Was that proper? Of course it wasn't, but he did provide me some entertainment when the requisite dirty look came flying my way. Never tick off the broadcaster, especially when he is flying solo.

For the Wesleyan trip, here is the running total of totally useless information to everyone but me:

Miles driven: 507
Cups of coffee: 4
Potty stops: 2
Times cut off after hitting the Mass line: Too many to count. Same statement for the Connecticut drivers who make Boston drivers look like an 80 year old lady out for a Sunday drive.

Until next time.......