Saturday, April 22, 2006

From Plattsburgh......

Thanks to everyone who showed up today for Democracy for America's rally over at Plattsburgh State. I was honored to speak on the downward spiral that President Georgie has been spinning this country into. It was also great to meet and speak with Plattsburgh City Councilor Bill Provost, and congressional candidate Dr. Bill Johnson.

There was a great turnout, great messages, and it is good to see the number of people who are sick and tired of the Bush administration, and the war as a whole. By the way, if my buddy Amy the VAA nut is reading this....It was GREAT to finally meet you. It was nice to put a face behind the voice, and talk some politics with you. It was also nice to put faces to our listeners as well.

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Anonymous said...

i happened to pass you on the plattsburgh tour (today was open house) and it was great to see the rally. next stop, the wal-mart?