Friday, April 21, 2006

The war......

Tomorrow in Plattsburgh, Democracy for America is holding a rally and march that will start over at the Angell Center at Plattsburgh State. I will be over there speaking, and encourage people to come to the event and speak out against the war, and the injustices by the Bush administration. The war has now killed well over 30,000 civillians, along with 2,500 soldiers.

I am sick and tired of hearing about this war since I don't think we have any business in being there. Did Saddam have WMD's? Of course he didn't. Did we have an exit plan going into this conflict? Lord, no. Do we have any plans to get out of Iraq? Well, considering that Bush has said we will be there for many more years, I don't think so. When will this administration realize that with our actions, we have actually opened ourselves up even more to terrorist attacks? Other countries despise us right now because of our actions, and the fact we are trying to push our ideals on another country. Could it be possible that Iraqis don't want democracy? Could it also be possible that as always, we as a country seem to be pushing the massive superiority complex onto the rest of the world?

We need to pay attention to our own problems such as the health care crisis and rebuilding New Orleans and the southeast. For once, we need to put ourselves first.


charity said...

I'm glad you see you finally have a new post up.

Fells said...

Yeah, it is about time!! I have been super busy and this two week long cold has FINALLY decided to vacate my body and torture someone else.

PROUD ARMY WIFE...actually living it said...

Just what the media needs another idiot LIBERAL who doesn't have the GUTS to ever be in the military much less know what amazing things our military is doing in Iraq and Afganastan.

Amazing how you idiots seem to forget that CONGRESS approved us going to war.

You are so against the war and are in so much denial about WMD, yet there's been proof, but leave it to the mass media to pretend it's not there and cover up when it's put out that more's been found.

Oh how do I know these little FACTS??? Hmm..maybe because my husband's over there doing something you're not brave enough to do.
No instead you sit behind your little desks and microphone's and complain and whine day in and day out.

Lets not look at the fact that 100's of thousands of Iraqi people who were MURDERED, BUTCHERED, and RAPED by Sadaam and his SADDISTIC regime. Oh that's's ok that he was performing his own holicost, because it wasn't effecting YOU.

Ask an Iraqi how they feel about our military being there...they're greatful and thankful.

Nothing like spineless liberals to tout what they know nothing about.

Fells said...

You are right, I don't have the guts because I don't want to die for something I don't believe in. As a point of reference, two uncles of mine served in the military, along with my great uncle who recently passed away. I support our troops, if I didn't I would mean I don't respect three of the greatest men in the world. I just don't support the cause they are fighting for.