Sunday, April 16, 2006

On this Easter Sunday.....

I will not be going into religion. My views on religion would really piss everyone off, and for some odd reason, I don't feel like doing

Man alive, the Sox are looking good. I think Pappalbon has ended the closer debate by going 6-6 in save opportunities and making Foulke seem like trade bait. Also, try this one on for size, and make your predictions. The Sox have made just TWO errors in the first 11 games of the year. Could the entire infield win Gold Gloves? Considering that all but Youk have won one, I don't think it is out of the realm of possibility. By the way, Youklis continues to impress me down at first. He is making the tough plays, and is digging balls out of the dirt like he has been there for years.

Call it a year for the Bruins, and take advantage of the extra day to get the taxes in. I am still sick as a dog, so again this will be short.


charity said...

That's so wrong. I hate when people do that.

Hey, I have some juicy gossip about the Governor that I heard at a Republican fundraiser. No...I shouldn't say anything.

Just kidding. I never go to those things.

charity said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Fells said...

Cough, cough......HACK!!!!!!!!! Crap, still sick, but I had enough of a voice to go on-air this morning. I just had the surgically repaired knee tortured by Gena at Poulin, so now I get to do some writing and pop some serious Advil.