Monday, April 03, 2006

A late night post

Well folks, I just got home from working at a college fair for my college alumni association and felt the need to babble before I sleep for a few hours.

First of all, it is baseball season and life is good. Da Sox came out and played well today, even though there were a couple of baserunning blunders and Foulke looked like crap. Is he really ready to come back after having both knees scoped? With a new infield, and Wake having to break in a new catcher to try and catch his knuckleball, it should be an interesting first part of the season. Lowell is a decent third baseman, and Mark Loretta will be an upgrade at second. It should be interesting to see how Youk handles the transition to first after playing third most of last year.

Secondly, the roads in Vermont are just deplorable. I drove Route Two between Montpelier and Saint Johnsbury twice in four days and I thought my car was going to fall apart. I was dodging so many potholes that I thought the police would pull me over thinking I was drunk.

I hate the way people drive, and that is pretty much all I have to say about the matter. Oh yeah, and one thing you don't see in my beloved home of San Francisco......Having to pass a slow moving tractor who won't pull over. Is there an art to that?

I have the Yankee's/A's game on so I can hear the Yanks lose, and the play-by-play guy is saying that before some changes were made to the mausoleum(sp?) in Oakland used to be one of the more picturesque stadiums in the league. Is he on crack??? That place is and always has been a cookie cutter toilet. Even before Al Davis turned it into the Raiderdome, it was awful. Give me Pac Bell(Or whatever it is called now) and Fenway anyday. (Yes boss, I am still awake and will be alive and cranking in the morning. This is called unwinding from a long drive.) I love the ballparks with charm, character, and maybe a little bit of history to them. Pac Bell doesn't have the history, but an amazing view of the bay and the city. Give me the small town charm of Centennial Field and Holman Stadium in Nashua, and I am one happy baseball addict.

Unwinding done, time to head to sleep.


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