Thursday, January 04, 2007

I don't like pink

Well, pink can be a nice color in the proper form. It looks good on small children, in a nursery, but NOT good when that bright pink is in fact the color of my eye. Yes folks, I have developed a nasty case of pink eye, AND of all things my eardrum ruptured last night. Health wise this has not been a good couple of days. It is so bad that I can barely see out of my left eye(But yes boss, I will be in tomorrow morning....) and the doctor actually had the gall to ORDER me not to leave the house until tomorrow morning at the earliest. So, those of you in Montpelier who may have been expecting my dulcet tones for the Montpelier/Oxbow game, you have my apologies. I am stuck in the house washing the sheets, scrubbing down everything I have even looked at, and researching some stuff on the Frost Heaves. If I couldn't read or work at the computer, I would have gone nuts today.

This is the first time I have had to miss a game due to illness, and somehow I feel guilty. Ok, I know I cannot control an eardrum splitting, or a bright pink eye, but I still feel like I should be at the game. Mom, I know you read my rantings, and I have this to say......IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!! You see, my dear and wonderful mother instilled a work ethic in me that makes it almost impossible for me to call out sick. Mom's attitude is if she is breathing, she can work. Yes, I am breathing, but even I had to sit back and think of the following:

A) I can barely see out of my left eye because of all of the built up crap.

B) My ear is so clogged that driving could be an adventure. I have never been behind the wheel when I have had too much to drink; with my equilibrium out of whack, and the previously mentioned sight issue, I was a bit of a hazard. Walking is like I am drunk, so climbing the ladder to the Montpelier High press box would have required a net be down below for my own safety.

Yes Mom, and to my dear wife, I actually decided to be smart instead of my usual stubborn self. (Or wait, is it prideful?)

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Chris and Alex said...

Nope...this time it's stubborn, not prideful. The wheelchair was prideful. :-)