Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Shame on you

Many of you in the Champlain Valley know about Jeff Cota, the Milton basketball player who is suffering from a rare form of bone cancer. From all accounts, Jeff is a tremendous kid who is fighting this disease as only a kid can, and has a great attitude on his recovery. His teammates have been supportive in driving to Boston to keep him company during his treatment, and he has the full support of the Milton, and basketball community.

Last week it was reported that items, including an X-Box were stolen from Jeff's home while he was in Boston receiving treatment. The X-Box was a gift to help him stay occupied while home bound and recovering from chemotherapy treatments. To the little twits who broke into the home, shame on you. Jeff has CANCER, and needs everything possible to help keep his spirits up. Stealing something because you either want to hawk it on E-Bay or are too lazy to get a job to buy one yourself is simply a disgrace. You think you have it bad? Think about the kid who is literally fighting for his life right now. He has drugs pouring through his system that make him sick for days on end, not being able to eat, he is losing his hair, and is stuck either at home or in a hospital. Mommy won't buy you an X-Box, or you don't want to get a job? Deal with it. Jeff and his family have problems that you, the thieves cannot even comprehend. I hope the police catch you, and for your sake, I hope the Milton basketball team doesn't get their hands on you; there may not be much left after they are done.

Get well soon Jeff, we are all pulling for you.

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