Thursday, May 11, 2006

Barry freaking Bonds and Delmon Young

I really have no idea what the big deal about Bonds is. Yes, he will be passing one of the legends of the game in Babe Ruth, but this is the chase for number two and not number one!! ESPN TV breaks in on their coverage to show Bonds every at bat in hopes they catch the second place tying home run. It is second place!! How big of a deal is this in San Francisco? It isn’t!!!! If this was such a big deal, AT&T Park would be packed, and there wouldn’t be a seat to be found. They aren’t even selling out!!! Supposedly, this is one of the biggest accomplishments in the history of baseball. If it is, then why aren’t the Giants selling out?

I know what the problem is, and this shouldn’t be a shock to anyone, but in the record books, there should be a great big giant syringe next to his name. I know, you know, and even my three year old niece knows Bonds is juiced. This isn’t a body made by pure work, it has been done with synthetics and needles. Give me a break, Ruth hit his home runs with a diet of booze, steaks, and women. Aaron set the record in the dead ball era in cookie cutter ballparks, where he actually had to work for his dingers. Bonds cheats!!! Why in the world should we be celebrating the accomplishments of a man who we all know has cheated? What sort of message does this send to kids? If you cheat, you become famous. Forget the hard work and hours in the gym and the batting cages, you just have to stick a needle in your arm and the drugs will do all of the work for you.

I have to admit that growing up in San Francisco, I am a huge Giants fan. I remember freezing my tail off at Candlestick Dump watching Jack Clark, Bob Brenly, and John Montefusco, and also following hot dog wrappers in the wind when I got bored. With this, I should be rooting for Bonds, but I simply cannot. I want Bonds to be walked intentionally so many times that he finally gives up and retires before he hits anymore home runs. With the love of the game that I have, I just cannot root for the man.

Speaking of sending messages to kids, how about Delmon Young? If you all remember, this is the kid who threw a bat at an ump after being tossed for whining about a called third strike. Well, the ruling came down this week, and he was suspended for only 50 games. 50 games?? Are you serious?? Oh wait, 50 games and community service, well that changes everything…..Well, no, not at all.

Young is one of those athletes who thinks he is above the rules because he has talent. Yeah, right. Young should have been suspended, without pay for the rest of the season. I think the International League made a horrible, disgusting, and weak move in only suspending him for 50 games. He threw a bat at an umpire and actually hit him!!! If he did that to someone in the street, he could be arrested, and he only gets a 50 game suspension? Is it because the league didn’t want to deal with anymore bad publicity? Was there influence from the Durham Bulls for whom he plays for? Did someone bribe the league? I just think this is a HORRIBLE example to set for kids. The message sent is that if you are a good athlete, you are above the rules of the game and of life. Unreal, I still can’t get over that one.

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