Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Barry freaking Bonds

Bonds didn't get his homer last night......WAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Again, who the hell cares anyway? Do you know what ticks me off more than anything? The fact that Bonds hits a decent shot to right which was misplayed and went to the wall. Bonds practically walked into second, and the scary thing is that a decent throw would have gotten him. Good Lord, a woman pushing a baby carriage of triplets could have gotten three out of that!!!! Here is what is worse; with a runner on first, Bonds popped a ball up on the infield AND DIDN'T FREAKING LEAVE THE BATTER'S BOX!!!!! If Morgan Ensberg would have noticed that the king of non-hustle hadn't left the batter's box, he could have had an easy double play to end the inning.

I know Bonds wants his dinger, and I know that his knees hurt, but he needs to at least pretend he cares about something other than hitting one out. What a freaking disgrace to the game, it is just a total and utter disgrace. Yo commish!!! Get your investigation going into Bonds' use of steroids and get him out of the game. What a disease......

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