Monday, May 01, 2006

Give Johnny his due

The Sox are in action tonight at Fenway against the hated Yankees with Johnny Damon making his return to Boston. There are many who are wondering what sort of reaction he will get from the fans. I know if I was at the game tonight, I would be standing and cheering.

Now I know Damon went to the evil and hated Yankees, which if you have ever played for the Sox is a cardinal sin. Even with this, I just wouldn't be able to bring myself to boo the guy. Damon had a great run with the Sox, and the long hair and beard helped to endear him to Red Sox fans. We can't forget that Damon lead the Sox to the 2004 curse ending World Series title with some spectacular catches in center, and of course his second inning grand slam against the Yankees in game seven of the ALCS. I know, I know, he is a Yankee now, and as my wife said, "Well, he doesn't have the long hair and beard anymore." Sorry honey, the evil Steinbrenner made him do it.

I boo every Yankee, with the exception of Damon. He was, and is a class guy who plays hard, and helped the Red Sox win the 2004 title. When he is introduced tonight, don't boo, just stand and cheer for a man who gave Sox fans some incredible memories. Once the cheering is over, then he can go 0-5........


Anonymous said...

Looks like your wishes didn't come true.

Fans are chanting "TRAITOR! TRAITOR! TRAITOR!" tonight. His cheers were also drowned out with boos when he came up to the plate for the first time tonight.

I think he's a classy guy too and I thought BoSox fans should have treated him with more respect. But that's Boston for you. There's always a price you pay for switching to the Evil Empire.

Fells said...

I knew there would be boos, but I didn't expect as many as there were. You have to love the signs that came out though. Give Sox fans credit for creativity.

The faithful gave a great reception to Doug Mirabelli who was re-acquired from San Diego. Mirabelli doesn't hit well, but he is one of the few who can actually catch Wakefield's knuckler.

Anonymous said...
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