Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mayor Kiss and guns

This is a bit delayed, but it has been a busy week. Mayor Kiss held a press conference on Friday which was meant to discuss the upcoming budget cuts, and progress on the budget. What it turned into was the opposite of what he wanted.

Yes, Kiss did discuss the budget, and how there will be some cuts, but where this is all speculative, and hasn't been voted on, nothing is set in stone. What it looks like is the city will be facing about a three percent tax hike due to shortfalls in property tax revenue. The interesting thing was how the topic of gun control was brought up.

The conference started with the announcement of a shooting in the Old North End, and since this was the second such incident in the last couple of weeks, the obvious questions over public safety came up. After a couple of minutes of not much of anything on the subject, talk about the budget came up, but safety and guns was brought up at the end of the session. Kiss said(while trying to dodge the question) that he would like to see a dialog started about guns in Burlington, and when pressed further, said he would like to see Burlington become a gun free zone.

Ummmmmmmmm, Mayor? I hate guns as much as anyone, if not more so, but what you are proposing would violate yet another federal law. Believe it or not, it is in fact legal to possess guns in the US. You cannot possibly want to propose that the gun toting Vermonters would actually let you go through with this!!!

The new mayor seems to have a problem in the fact he is not thinking things through before he speaks. Dare we forget his comments about making Burlington a safe haven for illegal immigrants? (Again, telling the police to violate the laws of this country.) Man alive, Peter and Bernie didn't even say things like that. Kiss is an idealist, which I respect, but I also believe in following the laws of this country of ours. The mayor is starting to establish himself as having the reputation of being a renegade, a reputation I don't think he wants so early in his tenure as mayor. If he keeps these kinds of statements rolling out of his mouth, he will be a one term mayor, and only one term.


Anonymous said...

He's already lost the '09 election, a new land speed record. Now he seems to be gunning for bringing the entire Progressive party down with him. Surprising for a guy with so many nutjob bumperstickers on his truck.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah. He's right and you know he's right.

Anonymous said...

Such a stunningly insightful rebuttal!