Friday, March 17, 2006

Da Prez and his band of lunatics

Ok, I have had enough. The war in Iraq is becoming more and more of a disaster every day, health care in this country is a joke, and now the limit on the national debt has been raised for the fourth time in five years. Why????????

Think of this, we pay 243 BILLION dollars a year in interest alone on the debt. The debt has gone up significantly since the end of the Clinton administration because of things like a pointless war without an exit strategy, money going to Bushies cronies, and increasing the defense budget while our own people starve and our seniors go broke trying to scrape up the money for prescriptions.

There are continuing ethical questions surrounding the Bush administration, Cheyney is out shooting people, and the Republican controlled House and Senate has given even more money to the war which will never end. Aid to the poor, homeless, battered women, Boys and Girls clubs, along with other social programs are being slashed so we can kill more people in Iraq, and so we can see gas prices go through the roof. The administration is being ruled by religion, and the conservatives are starting to think they rule the world. Bush still thinks he is doing a good job, even though his approval rating sits at a dismal 33%. Lord, even his own party doesn't think Bush is doing a good job. HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am hoping that in this year's mid-term elections that we send a message to the Republican party. If we as a country are so upset with the way things are being done in this country, get out and VOTE!!!!!! With voter apathy at an all-time low, I sincerely hope that those who give a rat's @ss about changing what is going on in this country go out and do something about it. We need change people!!!!


Simone Says said...

First thing we can do as Vermonters: support Bernie Sanders (and the five Vermont towns) for couragously calling for an independent investigation into possible impeachable offenses committed by President Bush. We need change on the scale of Jesus ridding the temples of the Pharisees--if we ever want to have faith in democracy again....

Fells said...

Honestly, I think the impeachment measures were a total and complete waste of time. Why take the time to deal with something on a national level, when there are problems with water supplies, school budgets, etc on the local level? We know full well the Republican controlled House and Senate will never allow such a measure to go through. Do we speak out against the war and the blunders of the Bush Administration? Well, of course we do. Is a local measure required to tell our representatives what to do about the situation? In this case, I don't think so. Trust me, they all know how screwed up this country is right now because of Bushie.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but just let Judge Cashman stay around....

The VT media has no role in determining social policy as evidenced by their lame support of the molester friendly judge.

Fells said...


In a Vermont Times article, I was one who called for Cashman to be removed from the bench. I was sickened by the light sentence given to Mark Hulett, and thought he was out of his mind for the light sentence given.

You are right, we in the media do not dictate social policy, but it is our job to give our opinions. I would not be a responsible journalist if I did not present the facts in the case, and in an editorial piece, express my honest opinion on the matter.

Where did I say in that post I supported Cashman and his decision?