Saturday, March 25, 2006

Yes, I am alive


Yes, I am alive, but had the week from hell, so writing wasn't at the top of my priority list.....Keeping my sanity was.

Anyhoo, the thing with Chris Graff is just wrong. The man is an icon in Vermont journalism whom I believe was fired for all of the wrong reasons. Below is my short and sweet e-mail to the AP asking for Chris' reinstatement.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing as both a journalist, and a concerned Vermonter. I ask that you reinstate Chris Graff to his position as chief of your Montpelier bureau. Mr. Graff knows this area, and knows the people as well, if not better than any journalist in the state. His integrity, knowledge, and ability to speak to everyone from a small Vermont farmer, to college professors at UVM makes him invaluable to us in the state.

Please reconsider your decision. I believe you have made a horrible mistake.


Chris Fells
News Director--WVAA 1390, WUSX 93.7, WLFE 102.3.
Sports Director--ESPN 1070 and ESPN 1490
Correspondent--Vermont Times Newspaper

On another note, get out and see all that our maple producers have to offer on open house weekend. ( Being a recovering Californian, I have never seen a maple "farm" before, so Alex and I are heading to Underhill today to see one. Being the lifelong Vermonter, Alex has seen tons of these, but I have not, so she gets to see me in all of my city boy wonder.

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