Friday, March 10, 2006

Hey Center City..I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack!!

This one will be short and sweet as I have a ton to do before I cover Barak Obama's speech over at the Ira Allen Chapel. Last night was registration and a "workout" for Center City and man alive I am glad to be coaching again. Where with working for Helldelphia last year, I did not have the time to coach, I hadn't seen most of those kids in over a year and a half. Yowzers, I forgot how much kids grow over a year!! Although I wasn't able to do much with my bum knee, it was really nice to be coaching again. I love coaching mechanics, the art of the two handed catch, and seeing how thrilled kids are when they make the slightest improvment. When coaching this year, I won't be "Fells", "The Radio Guy", or "The moron who said tonight's title game between BURLINGTON and Spaulding was South Burlington/Spaulding" (Hey, I got it right today), I am simply "Coach". Man, I love coaching.

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