Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Well, I still have a knee

Well all, surgery yesterday was a success. The doc found a bunch of loose garbage inside of my knee, removed it, and sewed me back up again. I am on crutches until Monday or so, and then can start to walk around a bit. Swelling isn't too bad, and I can actually put a little bit of weight on the thing, but then I pay for it a few minutes later. Needless to say, I have been spending quite a bit of time on the couch, and have actually become one with the thing. If all goes well, I should be back at work bright and early tomorrow morning.

Now, as many people know, I don't sit around well, which is why I am babbling away right now. I have already grown bored with watching CNN, MSNBC, and have seen Sportscenter twice. I actually resorted to watching the NFL Combine on NFL TV, which can be amusing in a twisted sort of way. It is hillarious watching 350 pound men who haven't missed a meal since shortly after birth run the 40 slower than I could run it on crutches. A couple of these guys could be clocked with a sundial, and the time would be more accurate.

Anyway, observations from surgery yesterday.......Operating rooms are COLD!!!! The doc's had to put about 20 pounds of warm blankets on me so I wouldn't freeze to death, and watching your own surgery is actually pretty cool. I was actually able to see what the doc was looking at, and Doc Campbell put up with me asking question after question wondering if what he was doing was actually going to have me walking without serious pain in the next year. Needless to say, I didn't feel a thing, and other than the fact I was freezing my upper body off, it wasn't bad. (With the drugs I was on, one of those 350 pound linemen could have jumped on my knee and I wouldn't have known it.)

Back to the couch, and maybe some breakfast..

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