Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It's that time again........

Ladies and gentlemen, it is that time again. Yes, it is time for me to make a royal fool of myself in going through the NCAA basketball tournament. Now I know this is not a science, but in past years, I just have not done well in picking this thing. Picking the 3/14 and 2/15 upsets is close to impossible, and the 8/9 games are a crapshoot. This year, I took the brackets and used it as bird paper. Where Simon pooped is who I picked, so if Simon pooped wrong, it is all his fault.

Here are the picks for this year:

Duke to win it all as with JJ Reddick, they simply cannot be stopped. Reddick has a great supporting cast behind him, and if they lose, I will be shocked. The rest of the Final Four should be Kansas, 'Nova, and North Carolina. I pick North Carolina mainly because as a college basketball nut, I REALLY want to see Duke and Carolina play in the final.


Southern Illinois over West Virginia as the Salukis are one of those mid-major teams that will surprise some people. They played a tough non-conference schedule, and have one of the best defenses in the game.

San Diego State over Indiana as the Hoosiers just don't impress me. I don't think they have it in them to win one for departing coach Mike Davis, and SDSU has been impressive this year.

Air Force over Illinois, yes you are reading that right. Air Force really has no business being in this tournament, but I think they will come out and win this game as they have something to prove. If they win, the naysayers are silenced, and a program that has come a long way will have a chance to be stomped by U-Conn in the second round.

Gonzaga is just overrated. Yes, they have Adam Morrison, but not much in the way of balance. I see them being knocked off by UCLA in the Sweet 16.

Best game of the first round will be Montana/Nevada. These are two teams from mid-majors who play lights out basketball. Despite the fact this is a 5/12 game, I really think it will be the best of the bunch.

Fire away everyone!!


Fells said...

Don't even look at my brackets. Darn upsets.........

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